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Perry Economides - Best Realtor in Buenos Aires to Sell your Property!

Property Sales and Rentals in Buenos Aires
Excellent real estate property web site focussing exclusively in Buenos Aires Province, they have some lots of properties rentals and sales, some are published by owners, which means you won't pay any commission (buyer beware though)

Nigel Tollerman´s Wine Blog
My Blog all about wine, especially about wine in Argentina (my particular area of expertise), updated every now and again with interesting thoughts and news on wine in Argentina

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Casa Mun

Buenos Aires Foodies
When you get tired of wine occasionally you may think about food. If that ever happens to you check out this blog, all about food and new food developments in BA

Querido Hotel

Good Morning Buenos Aires

PlanBA Travel

Cocina Sunae
Cristina has been running her closed door events for quite a while and if you fancy a change from the standard fare that you get in BA then check her restaurant out.

You also get to meet some interesting people increasingly locals as well as expats and tourists.

The food is asian fusian and all of it is excellent stuff, enjoy!

Great Indian Food in Buenos Aires
One of my favourite Indian restaurants in BA, a life saver when you fancy something other than beef, pizza, empanadas or pasta.

They can also prepare the food to be spicy according to your taste, which if you're a Brit is an added bonus.

Good work!

Home Hotel

Martín Gómez Alzaga Fotografía

Gourmet Baked Goods
One of the great expat businesses in Buenos Aires, Frank has been running this for quite a long time and has a well earnt reputation for baking some of the best breads, biscuits, brownies, pan dulce, patisserie, cookies, stollen.

You name it if its baked, sweet and bad for you he probably has the best you can buy in BA.

Condé Nast Traveller

Areatres Serviced Offices
Martin set up Areatres a few years ago to provide good quality temporary office space for new and startup businesses in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal. They've got some excellent facilities including open office space, closed offices, conference calling equipment, projectors and projection equipment.

I've been to a couple of the talks that they do there as well for expat businesses which were also really useful

Francis Ford Coppola Wine Lodge

Piers Calvert Photography
Great freelance photographer, original and capable. He's worked in lots of different places -
Buenos Aires, Argentina,
New York, U.S.A.
London, U.K.
Bogota, Colombia
Check out his work...

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